Google Certification Cohorts


Interested in becoming a Google Level 1 or Level 2 Certified Educator, but need some help preparing for the exam?

Join an upcoming Level 1 or Level 2 Google Certification cohort and join a Professional Learning Community full of motivated, helpful educators all working towards the same goal - passing the Google Certification Exam and more thoughtfully using Google Products in their classroom. Share ideas through unit reflections and get hands-on practice with challenges that reflect the unit learning. All cohorts are 100% ONLINE and SELF-PACED in Google Classroom.

SCECH hours are available for only $10.00.

Click above and fill out the form to show your interest in joining a cohort. You will then be sent the registration link approximately 30 days before the start of the cohort to officially sign up.



October 1 - April 30

June 1 - August 31

Cohorts repeat annually and registration is available approximately two months prior to the start date.


Not only does becoming an OFFICIAL Google Certified Educator validate your understanding of the Google Applications, it also is a great resume builder. With schools forced into remote teaching during the global pandemic, they are now seeking out educators with the ability to teach students remotely. New positions are being created to help support schools in districts as they train their educators to use new and effective online tools, like G Suite for Education. With your certification, you can become a thought leader in your district as education is reimagined to include remote learning.

Do i have to participate in a cohort to become google certified?

No. Technically, you can take the exam at any time. However, participating in this self-paced cohort ensures you are focusing on the correct material, builds your Professional Learning Community, and creates an accountability system to help you cross the finish line. As a Google Certified Trainer, Lissa will give you quality feedback on every assignment and ongoing support to help with any questions or issues.


Cohort Registration $199/person*

Level 1 Exam $10/person (OPTIONAL)

18 SCECHs $10/person (OPTIONAL)

CLICK HERE for more information on the Level 1 Cohort

*Current Level 1 cohort "COVID SPECIAL" is $149/person available through the Summer 2021 cohort.

Cohort Registration $249/person

Level 2 Exam $25/person (OPTIONAL)

19 SCECHs $10/person (OPTIONAL)

CLICK HERE for more information on the Level 2 Cohort

The cohorts are designed for learning. The focus is on material covered on the Level 1 & Level 2 certification exam. Completing the cohort does not guarantee certification.

Are you a GVSU student, employee, or alumni?
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If so, GVSU CSO may cover your registration costs!
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Fees for exam and SCECHs are not included.

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