Is it time you get organized and take back all the time you're wasting? 

Become more efficient immediately with the following Google applications.
Each Secrets Sessions can be 1 hour (virtually or on-site).
Choose 3 topics to customize a half day "Secrets to a Digitally Organized Google Workspace" workshop (on-site).
Pricing varies based on location, length, and number of participants. Please reach out via email to get more details. 

Chrome Secrets:
Browse and Bookmark Better

Gmail Logo

Gmail Secrets:
Escape the Email Explosion

Drive Secrets:
Junk Drawer No More

Google Calendar Logo

Calendar Secrets:
Calm the Chaos

Task Secrets:
To Do to Done

Classroom Secrets:
Teach with Tech

Google Keep Logo

Keep Secrets:
Unstick the Sticky Notes

Looking to take it to the next level?

Be fully prepared for Google's Certification Exams by participating in a Level 1 or Level 2 Certification Cohort.  
Cohorts are online and self-paced within a Google Classroom environment. They are available twice a year, either during the school year or over the summer. Personal Gmail is required to participate.
Pricing varies based number of participants from the same organization.
Level 1 exam is $10 and Level 2 exam is $25. This is not included in the price of the cohort.
At least 10 individuals are needed to start a cohort.
Please reach out to to get more details. 

Level 1 Badge

Certification Cohort

Group of 10+ participants

Level 2 Badge

Certification Cohort

Group of 10+ participants

Cohort Participant Feedback

Cassie Johnson Headshot

Cassie Johnson

Grand River Preparatory High SchoolGoogle Certified EducatorLevel 1

"I loved getting my Level 1 certification with Lissa! The course makes it so easy to stay on track and learn the essentials! The Google Classroom was incredibly easy to follow and, after taking the test, I realized how suited each assignment was to our success on the test. I felt like it was a breeze with all that I had learned. I got personalized feedback and encouragement throughout the course, which really made me feel motivated to keep going. I am so glad that I chose to take the course instead of pursuing the certification on my own."

Sheena Clark Headshot

Sheena Clark

Teacher, NHA Teach ForceGoogle Certified EducatorLevel 1 & Level 2

"I felt completely ready for my test. It seemed very easy after completing all the challenges and modules. I learned so much that I have been able to help other teachers in my building learn some new Google tips and tricks. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Lissa. She is a wonderful teacher and resource."

Yara Barge Headshot

Yara Barge

Teacher, Andrew J. Brown AcademyGoogle Certified EducatorLevel 1 & Level 2Google Certified Trainer

"Lissa was supportive, clear, and helpful through both Cohorts. She was always willing to provide extra support if needed and answered any questions that would arise. Not only was Lissa amazing at organizing the training sessions she has been more than supportive even after aiding in me moving on to the next level of Training Certification."