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The Google level 1 cohort is 100% online and self-paced experience that takes place within a Google Classroom. It includes PLC discussions via Flipgrid and/or Padlet on the 13 units covered in the Level 1 FUNDAMENTALS TRAINING found on the Google Teacher Center site. It also provides an opportunity to complete 13 unique hands-on challenges to practice the apps and ideas covered within the units. Coaching and feedback is provided for all assignments completed and turned in. The combination of units & challenges best prepares participants to take and pass the Google Level 1 Certification Exam. Regardless of exam results, participants will gain a wealth of knowledge through their cohort experience which can be immediately implemented into their classroom instruction to improve teaching and learning.

SNEAK PEEK VIDEO: Level 1 Certification Cohort

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Carol Rakowski "Thank you for the info. I learned so much this week and am eager to use these ideas this upcoming school year. You present the information to us in a way that is actually useful. I'm so glad I joined this cohort. Thank you for everything, Lissa."
Therese Yglesias "Thanks Lissa. Your odeling of how to be engaged with online students is awesome and a lesson I am not missing. Learning in this mode is individualized and personally uplifting; powerful methodology with students."

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Cohort Registration $199/person*

Level 1 Exam $10/person (OPTIONAL)

18 SCECHs $10/person (OPTIONAL)

*Current Level 1 cohort "COVID SPECIAL" is $149/person available through the Summer 2021 cohort.

This cohort is designed for learning. The focus is on material covered on the Level 1 certification exam. Completing the cohort does not guarantee certification.


Cassie Johnson Grand River Preparatory High SchoolGoogle Certified Educator Level 1

"I loved getting my Level 1 certification with Lissa! The course makes it so easy to stay on track and learn the essentials! The Google Classroom was incredibly easy to follow and, after taking the test, I realized how suited each assignment was to our success on the test. I felt like it was a breeze with all that I had learned. I got personalized feedback and encouragement throughout the course, which really made me feel motivated to keep going. I am so glad that I chose to take the course instead of pursuing the certification on my own."

KariAnn Throne
South Canton Scholars
Google Certified Educator Level 1

"My Level 1 experience was amazing. I was given the work ahead of time so that I was able to pace myself. The work is explained clearly and the feedback from Lissa was greatly appreciated. If you missed something, the comments were constructive and the work was easy to adjust. The work load was not overwhelming! The tasks were easy to complete."

Jen WalentaByron Center Charter SchoolGoogle Certified Educator Level 1 & Level 2

"My Google Level 1 Certification really helped me be better prepared to teach remotely! I had a greater understanding of the best google tools to use with students and how these tools could make learning more efficient and engaging."

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