Level 2

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Similar to level 1, the Google level 2 cohort is also a self-paced experience 100% online within a Google Classroom. It includes reflections participants create and share via BLOGGER based on the 11 units covered in the Level 2 ADVANCED TRAINING found on the Google Teacher Center site. It also provides an opportunity to complete 11 unique hands-on challenges to practice the apps and ideas covered within the units. Coaching and feedback is provided for all assignments completed and turned in. The combination of units & challenges best prepares participants to take and pass the Google Level 2 Certification Exam.

SNEAK PEEK VIDEO: Level 2 Certification Cohort

Level 2 Preview Video.webm
Rebecca Thomas "These two courses have enabled me to see the MANY other ways to represent and gather information from my students. I am looking forward to creating lots of new variations from the old lessons I teach. My ultimate goal is to have at least 95% if not all of what I do run through Google Classroom setting my students up for success even if we have to close again. Thank you for your time and efforts in working with me. You are an AMAZING instructor. I'm going to miss you!"

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19 SCECHs $10/person (OPTIONAL)

This cohort is designed for learning. The focus is on material covered on the Level 2 certification exam. Completing the cohort does not guarantee certification.



Jacqueline Tabbert

Teacher, Detroit Merit AcademyGoogle Certified EducatorLevel 1 & Level 2

"Lissa is extremely knowledgeable about Google and is always willing to go the extra mile when it comes to engaging teachers during a professional development training! Not only do you learn about the content within the cohorts, Lissa also adds in her own addition of tech tools, insights, prizes, and more! I highly recommend attending!"

Sheena Clark

Teacher, NHA Teach ForceGoogle Certified EducatorLevel 1 & Level 2

"I felt completely ready for my test. It seemed very easy after completing all the challenges and modules. I learned so much that I have been able to help other teachers in my building learn some new Google tips and tricks. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Lissa. She is a wonderful teacher and resource."

Yara Barge

Teacher, Andrew J. Brown AcademyGoogle Certified EducatorLevel 1 & Level 2Google Certified Trainer

"Lissa was supportive, clear, and helpful through both Cohorts. She was always willing to provide extra support if needed and answered any questions that would arise. Not only was Lissa amazing at organizing the training sessions she has been more than supportive even after aiding in me moving on to the next level of Training Certification."

Have a question about the Google Certification cohorts? Email Lissa at brunanl@mail.gvsu.edu.